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Support for Your Bentley Software

At Bentley, we are committed to providing you with the support you need to master your use of Bentley software.  If you manage Bentley software licenses for your organization, you will find key information below on managing licenses, the Bentley Support Policy, and other license administration resources. 

Take Advantage of Support Services

Support Services and the Bentley Support Policy

The Bentley Support Policy describes the phases of eligibility for specific support services, and provides the current and planned support status for all versions of Bentley desktop applications, ProjectWise servers and services, and License Administration Services. Understanding the benefits and the support status for your software will help you to proactively manage your licenses for your organization.
Desktop Applications
Projectwise Servers and Services

License Administration Services
Get help with your software

Learning and Assistance

If you are a user of a Bentley application, you can interact with other users, get questions answered, explore new workflows, access learning resources, or get software issues resolved. Take advantage of the CONNECTION Center, your one stop hub for application support and your access point to download software from Bentley.
Learn More

Go to CONNECT Center
Manage your licenses

Administrative Resources

If you are responsible for administering software for your organization, Bentley provides you with tools to administer license access, set user permissions, analyze license use, manage notifications, and more. Follow the link below to sign in and access the resources to manage license use in your organization.

Go to CONNECT Center
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