• Cloud Services Subscription

    All inclusive annual subscription

Cloud Services Subscription

With the Cloud Services Subscription, you can subscribe to all of the applications, hosted and on-premises services, cloud services, and managed services required for project delivery or operation of any type of infrastructure. 

Your application portfolio may consist of perpetual licenses covered under SELECT or annually renewed licenses enabled through an Enterprise License Subscription. The Cloud Services Subscription is the only other program you need for all other offerings from Bentley, including: 

  • Applications coverage for term licenses 
  • Passports and Visa to access ProjectWise and AssetWise capabilities 
  • CONNECT Edition cloud services 
  • Success Plan agreements for managed services
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Speak to a Bentley representative to enroll in a Cloud Services Subscription today. 

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With CONNECTservices, learn to master your Bentley applications and get work done at any time from any place. Empower your teams to connect and collaborate.  

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