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Solutions for Public Infrastructure

Whether you work in cadastre, national security, public works, or another government function, you will benefit from Bentley’s solutions for the design, construction, and management of public infrastructure. Our offerings include multidiscipline design modeling, reality modeling, mapping and GIS, urban planning and visualization, and urban resilience modeling and simulation.

With reality modeling, you can rapidly build a highly precise 3D geometric model of existing infrastructure - the digital context needed to support your digital twin workflows. This digital context and the associated digital components is useful in many applications as you plan, design, build, and operate infrastructure. Use digital imagery captured from any source, including AVs, aircraft, or digital cameras.

By taking a federated approach to managing and sharing information, you can ensure that trusted information is available to deliver insights whenever and wherever it is needed from planning to performance. 

Informed Infrastructure Professional Development
Digital Twin Workflows for Cities
Better understand the value of digital twins for cities by reviewing the article Practical Digital Workflows for Addressing Key City Initiatives and take the continuing education course for continuing education credit without cost.
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digital twin above below ground
Advance your digital city strategy

Create, visualize, and analyze a city-wide digital twin for more efficient operations and resilient infrastructure. Digital twins can be a powerful tool for cities; but to gain a clearer understanding of digital twins, here are seven ways in which city governments can benefit from advancing technology to improve efficiencies.

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