• Services

    Maximize the productivity of your people and assets

Technology and Consulting Services

Maximize the productivity of your people and assets to create more business value and accelerate time to revenue. Choose the managed services or professional services best suited to meet your business goals and outcomes. Work with industry experts and thought leaders to achieve best practice processes and procedures. Advance your building information modeling (BIM) initiatives. Create an outcome-based technology roadmap. Realize your digital transformation with proven Success Plans or Service Level Agreements. Establish a BIM Advancement or Construction Academy program to onboard your contractors and supply chain, drive more value from your asset information, and reduce your project risk.

Service Level Agreements and Success Plans

Managed Services

Extend the capabilities of your team, get expert resources, and drive more value. Start up, manage, and deliver projects better and faster. Benefit from Bentley’s experience delivering managed services to the world’s leading AECO companies and infrastructure projects.

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Solution Implementation, BIM Advancement, and Learning

Professional Services

Get the best results from your Bentley software applications. Engage Bentley to develop solutions for your work processes and enterprise challenges. Improve your operational readiness, optimize your business outcomes, and accelerate your time to revenue. Rely on Bentley’s industry experts to advance your BIM initiatives. Empower your users with in-product, virtual and classroom learning materials delivered by the Bentley Institute.

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Thought Leadership, Best Practices, and Onboarding

Digital Advancement Academies

Accelerate your digital strategy with a focus on improved processes and outcome-based objectives. Digital Advancement Academies partner with industry to act as catalysts for thought leadership and knowledge exchange, aiding in the effort to better align all stakeholders involved in the creation and operation of digital and physical infrastructure assets.

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