• Huahui Engineering and Design
    Group Co., Ltd.

    Ningzhen Road (Changhong Tunnel-Jinhe Road) Phase I Innovation Works

    Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Project Summary


As part of the 10.7-kilometer roadway remodeling of Ningzhen Road in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, the Phase I renovation spans 6.6 kilometers connecting with the Ningbo metro line, includes three new bridges, and blends cultural tradition with modern style. Huahui Engineering and Design Group (Huahui) was retained to provide design services for roadways, water discharge, bridges, transportation, and landscaping. The CNY 1.5 billion urban roadway project required a multi-discipline solution to deliver the complex design on a short design cycle facing environmental and terrain constraints. To meet these challenges while maintaining current traffic flow, Huahui needed flexible, integrated modeling technology.


Using Bentley civil design applications together with ProjectWise as the common platform, all disciplines, including road, pipeline, landscape, bridge culvert, and transportation works, adopted a BIM methodology. The federated BIM approach enabled a fully integrated 3D route design, optimizing collaboration and information mobility to deliver a comprehensive 3D model that could be used throughout the project lifecycle.


Using Bentley LumenRT, MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, OpenRoads, PowerCivil for China, and ProjectWise, the project team improved collaboration, survey and design, and construction IT management. The collision module in Navigator helped identify numerous pipeline adjustments reducing design costs by CNY 1 million. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software throughout the project enabled the team to reduce design time by 60 hours and save CNY 5 million in design capital. With an integrated BIM approach, the team improved design quality, minimizing errors and optimizing engineering efficiencies.


Huahui used MicroStation, PowerCivil for China, and OpenRoads technology to properly adjust the roadway route and fully integrate civil design with structural components. Navigator was instrumental for clash detection and construction simulation enabling the team to resolve interruption of the current and planned pipelines. Using Bentley LumenRT, Huahui rendered animations for traffic simulation and captured existing conditions and surrounding structures. ProjectWise streamlined workflows among the different disciplines, enabling real-time data sharing and minimizing rework.

Project Playbook: PowerCivil for China, OpenRoads Designer, MicroStation, Bentley LumenRT, ProjectWise

  • Huahui implemented a collaborative BIM methodology to coordinate multiple disciplines on a tight schedule for the complex renovation of the 6.6-kilometer section of Ningzhen Road between the Changhong tunnel and Jinhe Road.
  • The first team in the region to apply Bentley’s integrated BIM advancements, Huahui shortened the design cycle by 60 hours and saved CNY 5 million in design capital on the CNY 1.5 billion project.
  • Using Bentley Navigator for clash detection, the team avoided pipeline collisions and identified adjustments that reduced design costs by CNY 1 million.
  • ProjectWise improved information mobility and collaboration among the multi-discipline team, optimizing workflows and enhancing efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.
  • “[We applied Bentley’s BIM advancements] to the project design. This helped improve project collaboration, project survey and design, and project construction information technology management, and played a demonstrative role for the municipal works survey design, construction, and overall lifecycle management.”

    Yu Xiaofeng Deputy General Manager Huahui Engineering and Design Group
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