• Structural Analysis

    Design without boundaries

Structural Analysis Software

Efficiently model, analyze, and design any structure, from a single foundation to an entire stadium.  Consider multiple design alternatives quickly and early in your design process.  Tackle projects with confidence and quickly produce high quality and economical designs, using various materials. Synchronize model data with confidence among your entire design team, including detailing 3D models for all of your structural projects.  Design structures anywhere in the world using over 90 international codes, reducing your team's need to learn multiple software applications.
  • 1623_DAM_Stub_Nightscape_290x163_0715
    Structural Enterprise
    Use what you want, when you want it, with our most comprehensive suite of trusted structural analysis and design applications like STAAD and RAM.
  • Stub_ist_69512587_OilRefinery_3XL
    Design any type of structure and share your synchronized model data with confidence among your design team, in one integrated set of applications.
  • Stub_ist_2772240_SanDiego_2XL
    Quickly produce high quality and economical designs with confidence, using various concrete, steel, and joist building materials.
  • 1623_DAM_Stub_Manhattan_290x163_0715
    Integrated Structural Modeling
    Maximize interoperability between your structural products, projects, and people.
  • Communications Tower
    Analyze and design towers with powerful comprehensive physical modeling and parametric tools.
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