• PlantSight

    Experience the Moment of Knowing

Digital Twin for the Process Industry

PlantSight enables organizations operating, maintaining and upgrading process plants to increase asset performance and reduce operating costs through everyday use and update of trusted plant information. Experience that moment of knowing, working in an immersive digital mode of collaboration to gain invaluable insights from your data to make fast and accurate maintenance, reliability, production, and engineering decisions.


Jointly developed for the process industry by Siemens and Bentley, PlantSight brings all of your plant data and information together, contextualizes it, validates it, and visualizes it. It transforms raw data into one complete digital twin.
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  • Acquire and Aggregate Engineering Models from Various Sources

    • Maintain a compete, living digital twin within an open, connected data environment to achieve one federated source of trusted, consistent, and up-to-date engineering information across the lifecycle of process industry assets. Your digital twin can incorporate and interoperate with engineering models from Bentley, Siemens, and third-party sources, such as AVEVA (PDMS/E3D/P&ID) and Hexagon (Smart3D, SmartPlant P&ID). Validate and analyze the as-operating condition of the asset and synchronize changes immediately following asset updates/modifications.
  • Use Asset Performance Management and Advanced Analytics

    • Leverage engineering data, IIoT data, and other sources of data in ways never before possible to solve business problems. PlantSight provides a holistic view of asset health to anticipate the onset of failures and make informed, proactive maintenance decisions regarding repair, replacement, strategy revision, and redesign. Asset managers and operations staff can collaborate to reduce risk, eliminate unexpected downtime, increase availability and utilization, ensure compliance with regulations, and meet safety and environmental targets.
  • Visualize the Digital Twin and Digital Enterprise in Multiple Views (Digital Contexts)

    • Visualize current production and equipment performance status of all sites from a single consolidated dashboard view. View the engineering contexts of the asset, no matter the authoring application. Create issues, markups, and comments to assist with task planning for maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations. Access associated documents, drawings, photos, as well as the reliability program, including the failure modes (hypothetical events), actual events driving alarms, and the work orders being executed in your EAM system.

      If you do not have 3D models of your assets, you can create them by adding Bentley’s reality modeling technology to capture the plant equipment using digital photography and laser scanning to create an accurate as-operated reality mesh of the plant as an additional context.
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