Insightful control of WorkFace Planning

WorkFace Planning Software

Simplify your WorkFace Planning using a virtual construction model. Quickly create construction and installation work packages by immersively interacting with data-rich 3D models. You can drive construction based on schedule priorities and the sequencing needs of field installation. Plan your work based on actual availability of materials and resources. Visualizing the installation process before work begins enables you to reveal constraints and mitigate project risk.

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  • Create work packages

    • ?Save significant resource time by automating your work packages. You can easily create, manage, edit, and distribute engineering, construction, and installation work packages by leveraging the most up-to-date project information, construction progress, and material status.
  • Review design constructability

    • ?Define your work packages visually for unprecedented control over construction planning. Reduce change order delays by performing design constructability reviews before construction begins. With complete project information, you can more accurately prioritize installation sequences.
  • Simulate 4D construction schedule sequencing

    • ?Gain further insight into your construction activities by connecting project schedules and virtual construction models. Use visualizations to better understand sequencing to avoid costly errors. With a clear understanding of the construction path?you can maximize safety while meeting schedule requirements.
  • Visualize engineering data in the construction model

    • ?Incorporate engineering data such as models, drawings, materials lists, labor requirements, and procurement records in a virtual construction model. Use standard data transfer interfaces to ensure completeness and data quality.
  • Visualize work package status

    • ?Visually plan and manage your work packages using a virtual construction model. See the status of work and related workflows with understandable color-coded indicators.?This unprecedented visibility into project progress enables you to extend work package automation down to the installation level.
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Advanced Work Packaging

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