• Enterprise Interoperability

    Extend the value of your connected data environment

AssetWise Enterprise Interoperability

AssetWise leverages your connected data environment (CDE) for operations. AssetWise Enterprise Interoperability helps extend the CDE to your entire enterprise by enabling access to multiple data sources and third party systems to deliver a common view of asset information. With AssetWise Enterprise Interoperability, information is managed where appropriate, but made available as required in disparate operations, maintenance, and engineering systems.

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  • Access asset and work history in ERP or EAM

    • ?Gain visibility into your asset and work history stored in your ERP or EAM system. With AssetWise used as a?front-end to your EAM system for reliability and asset performance management, engineers and technicians have direct access to asset and work order information, even?when disconnected from the network.
  • Integrate with enterprise systems

    • Become more agile with AssetWise enterprise integration and minimize the need for customized integrations and accelerate integration projects?for faster return on investment.?With a connected data environment, you can quickly and easily leverage technologies in one shared space. Connect and combine people, processes, systems, and technologies to ensure that the right people have the right processes, resources, and information at the right time.
  • Integrate with operational systems

    • Easily collect and analyze historical and real-time data from operational systems so that you can detect and predict asset failures or operational changes. AssetWise applies many analytical techniques to help?discover patterns?or influences to support informed decision making.
  • Synchronize asset master data

    • ?Synchronize key master data from your enterprise asset management (EAM) system such that the EAM is your system of record and AssetWise is your single source of truth for engineering information and asset performance across the lifecycle.
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AssetWise Connect Edition Brochure
AssetWise CONNECT Edition Brochure

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