• SoilVision

    Award-winning Geotechnical Software

Geotechnical Software

SoilVision is known for market-leading slope stability, unsaturated seepage, stress/deformation, freeze/thaw, and soil properties database software. 
The software is utilized in the mining, infrastructure, energy, arctic, and nuclear industries for the design of large earth dams, mine tailings consolidation, waste rock slope stability, retaining wall design, and foundation design in arid and arctic environments. Our software offers advanced analysis considering climate and unsaturated flow.
    The new standard in Slope Stability Analysis - users can perform classic limit equilibrium slope analysis of soil or rock slopes. Saturated and unsaturated analysis is possible. Steady-state and transient seepage pore-water pressures can be incorporated with SVFLUX.
    SVDESIGNER? is a user-friendly 3D conceptual model builder used to significantly reduce model creation times by visualizing, optimizing, and merging engineering-staged construction/design, topology, borehole, piezometer/field instrumentation geotechnical data into a well-defined conceptual model for subsequent numerical modeling.
    Comprehensive 1D/ 2D/ 3D finite element analysis program designed to model groundwater seepage in unsaturated or saturated soils and rock for calculating steady-state and transient-state flow.
    2D/ 3D finite element stress/deformation modeling for geotechnical earth structures involving elasto-plastic soft-soil behavior and consolidation as well as the elastic deformation of rock materials.
    Database of unsaturated and saturated soil and rock properties designed specifically for the estimation and mathematical representation of soil constitutive models for subsequent numerical modeling. Soil properties may be estimated by theoretical algorithms, data mining, and correlations.
    1D/ 2D/ 3D finite element analysis software focused on environmental modeling, including coupled groundwater seepage, contaminant transport, freeze/thaw, and pore-air flow modeling. Software includes fully automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement. Rigorous calculation of actual evaporation by the Wilson method included. THA, TH, HA, and HC couplings possible.
  • SoilVision Suite
    2D/3D SOILVISION Suite
    Streamline workflow using a 2D or 2D/3D combined geotechnical limit equilibrium & finite element suite which easily couples applications for slope stability analysis, unsaturated transient seepage, stress/deformation of elasto-plastic materials, shear strength reduction (SSR), anchor analysis, large -strain consolidation.Wh
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