Achieve offshore structural engineering excellence

Offshore Structural Analysis and Design Software

Achieve offshore structure compliance more quickly with the most comprehensive and up-to-date international design code coverage available. Improve design quality and predict offshore structural performance using a unified analysis environment that enables the efficient exploration of alternatives. Streamline processes with automated structural workflows to apply specialized analyses essential to any offshore project, including:

• Nonlinear structural analysis
• Dynamic response analysis due to environmental loads
• Impact effects analysis
• Severe accidental loadings analysis

  • Stub-170627031_OffshoreRig_L
    SACS Offshore Structure
    Optimize design to ensure compliance, understand behavior, and accurately predict performance of all types of offshore structures.
  • stub_windturbine_290x162
    OpenWindPower Fixed Foundation
    Explore design options, understand behavior, and accurately predict structural performance of offshore wind farm platforms.
  • Stub_ist_62362464_OilGasPlatform_L
    SACS Fatigue
    Reduce offshore structural failure risk with SACS Fatigue. Get industry-specific, detailed fatigue life calculations for oil, gas, and wind structures.
  • SACS Collapse plastic analysis software
    SACS Collapse
    Meet safety case design requirements for offshore structures by identifying failure mechanisms with SACS Collapse.
  • Stub_ist_33217226_offshore_XL
    SACS Pile Structure Design
    Reduce risk of failure for offshore structure foundations with non-linear soil/pile interaction analysis software.
  • CloudServices
    SACS Cloud Services
    Take advantage of the compute, data, and collaborative power of the cloud. Do more, better, faster.
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