• Bentley OpenUtilities

    Streamline your utility network design and management

Utilities Network Design and GIS Software

Speed your utilities design with precise MicroStation-based layout tools. Enhance your network operations with a utilities GIS powered by Bentley Map. Increase efficiency with engineering-grade design tools that combine with common GIS systems. Complete designs faster with on-the-fly estimates that enable rapid cost-based refinements. Reduce delays with design workflow management that allows you to track, review, and approve projects. Complete work orders faster by putting end-to-end network maps, equipment records, and markup tools at the fingers of field workers. 

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    Bentley OpenUtilities Designer
    Speed your utility design with the precision of MicroStation-based layout tools. Cut costs when you design and manage your network in one application.
  • stub_OpenUtilitiesMap
    Bentley OpenUtilities Map
    Enhance your network information management and reduce costs with a full-featured utilities GIS that scales economically to your needs.
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    Bentley OpenUtilities PowerView
    Speed management reviews and field work with a streamlined, cost-effective application to view, explore, and markup your network designs and maps.
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