• Keynetix

    Accelerate Your Geotechnical Data

Geotechnical Data Applications Transformed

Our solutions cover every stage of your data, from planning through site work and reporting.

Having a single source of truth data can drive efficiency on any project. Seamlessly handle all aspects of geotechnical data workflow with Keynetix data management applications. Whether a single borehole exploratory hole or a complex project as prestigious as Crossrail, the London 2012 Olympic Park, and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau fixed linkour intelligent data management applications ensure trusted, accessible data from on-site logging to national archive.

  • HoleBase
    HoleBASE will help you stay in control of your geotechnical project data and streamline reporting throughout every stage of a site investigation.
  • KeyLogbook
    KeyLogbook provides a simple integrated solution that ensures the capture of essential data at source and eliminates the double handling of data, saving an hour each day and reducing the risk of data error.
  • KeyLAB
    KeyLAB is the leading laboratory management system built specifically for geotechnical and construction laboratories.
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