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    Network engineering to drive your bottom line

Communications GIS and Network Engineering Software

Design your HFC or fiber network faster in an open GIS and publish a precise network model that improves operations in the field and office. Efficiently design and manage your network with a unified model of inside and outside plant. Speed designs with MicroStation-based precision layout tools. Quickly verify designs with near real-time engineering calculations that update with layout changes. Facilitate design, network tracing, and other geospatial analysis with a rich GIS powered by Bentley Map. Promote faster and better decisions in the office and the field by sharing your network model through Web browsers and mobile devices. 

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    Bentley Coax
    Design and document your coaxial network faster in Bentley Coax. Produce verified layouts quickly in a seamless engineering and open GIS environment.
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    Bentley Fiber
    Design and document your fiber network faster in Bentley Fiber. Layout and verify FTTx, HFC, and other architectures fast in an engineering GIS.
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    Bentley Inside Plant
    Quickly design and document headends, points of presence, central offices, data centers, and other inside plant network assets.
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    Bentley Expert Designer Communications
    Streamline your network engineering by merging design and work management. Speed projects when you assign, track, and manage design work orders.
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    Bentley Communications PowerView
    Speed work orders and reduce errors by putting end-to-end network maps, equipment records, and data capture tools at the fingers of field workers.
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