Citilabs - Mobility Simulation and Analytics

Citilabs provides software and analytical solutions for measuring, managing, and predicting the use and operation of transportation mobility systems. Current mobility patterns and system usage are measured through the processing of billions of points of data obtained from the movement of mobile devices. This rich understanding can then be leveraged by Citilabs software products to manage and optimize the usage of multimodal transportation systems, as well as to design and evaluate future projects, policies technologies and trends.   

Combine the power of Citilabs with other Bentley design integration and digital cities offerings, enables engineering-based mobility digital twins. Road mobility digital twins converge cities’ digital context and digital components with Cube simulations, allowing you to model and assure real-world throughput capacity for proposed and existing roadway assets matched with Streetlytics traffic data to calibrate and validate the digital twin.
  • Cube
    Cube?is a comprehensive, powerful, script-driven software system for building and applying complex models and simulations of transportation-land use systems.?It is used in over 2,500 locations around the world to test and forecast the impacts of alternative plans and strategies.
  • Streetlytics
    Streetlytics measures and scales billions of observed trips to provide detailed analytics of today’s travel from place to place and for every road segment in the United States and Canada.
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