• Bentley Institute User Group Program

    Discover and share innovative practices with users like yourself

User organized support groups

Join a Bentley Institute User Group and benefit from unrivaled networking, peer-to-peer guidance and expert technical support. Bentley Institute User Groups provide regular communication among their members, including holding local meetings and conferences. Typical meetings can range from evening gatherings to three-day conferences that include lectures, workshops, and networking opportunities. 

User Group members are dedicated to sharing ideas, best practices, and learning more about Bentley applications. Membership is open to all Bentley users and is not restricted by industry, job title, or location. 

As a Bentley User Group member, you will:

  • Be invited to exclusive workshops and lecture sessions, where you will learn as well as explore new possibilities with Bentley’s applications. 
  • Personally communicate with Bentley subject matter experts who can help you get more out of your Bentley applications. For events, Bentley will provide speakers who can answer questions and provide feedback on your specific project or workflow questions. 
  • Earn Professional Development Hours to advance your career and increase your productivity. 
  • Meet and network with users just like you. 
  • Have the opportunity to become an officer for a local User Group, the leadership responsible for the proven success of Bentley Institute User Groups. 


Get Involved 

Join us at a Bentley Institute User Group and expand your network and expertise. We are pleased to support these independent group meetings with computers, software, and speakers. 

Find an Event  Find a User Group

Contact Us

If you do not find a Bentley Institute User Group in your area and would like to form a new group, contact us to learn how to get started.

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