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Bentley Institute Press publishes a broad array of textbooks and professional reference works dedicated to the needs of the educational and infrastructure communities. Available in print and digital formats, these publications share Bentley’s years of expertise in infrastructure industries.

Individual print and eBook titles (for Amazon Kindle and iOS devices) are available via our:
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eBook Subscriptions offer organizations unlimited access to the complete library of digital content from Bentley Institute Press, so you can learn anytime and anywhere. With an organization’s renewable one year subscription, all associated colleagues can use their personal logins to access these eBook Subscription benefits:

  • Bentley Institute Press eBook Subscription:
    • View complete eBook library via desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone
    • Read online, or download and read offline at your convenience
    • New titles and updates included, as they become available
    • Personalize digital content via your individual account, creating custom shelves and adding bookmarks, highlighting text and saving your notes on each eBook
    • Share compelling passages with your professional network, with one click content sharing from each digital title to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more
    • Filter for content via category, author, year of publication, title, etc.
    • Give access to all readers in an organization, with unlimited copies for unlimited users in a subscription
  • Bentley Institute Press eBook Combo Subscription
    • Includes all the benefits of the eBook Subscription
    • Plus 8 print copies of your choice
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